Online presence

It is considered an essential part of any self-respecting marketing strategy.


Web referencing for better visibility on the most popular search engines

Online sales

E-merchants who conduct their business online through e-commerce websites.

Web marketing

All the marketing and advertising techniques used in the Internet environment

Showcase website

Showcase website - Online presence

Internet allows you to exploit the web for the creation or redesign of showcase type websites. A showcase website, unlike a commercial website, does not allow you to sell online but is rather a kind of presentation of products, services or more generally of the company’s activity. A showcase website also means being visible everywhere and all the time. The technical design of the website can be carried out by a web design agency which can also take care of the graphic design and the ergonomic design and thus coc=nceive a technically and aesthetically interesting website, like the Blog Sud Ouest website for instance. This way you can have a tailor-made website that meets your needs and fits your digital strategy.

A marketing strategy on social networks

Implementing a marketing strategy on social networks has become an essential component of the digital transition.

Increase your e-reputation

Web agencies are available to help you set up the right plan to improve your online reputation with Internet users.

Generate quality traffic

A good graphic design, ergonomic web interfaces, rich and quality content are the keys to quality traffic.

Improving your SEO

Redesign of websites for SEO optimization. Quality images and icons, tags, internal and external links…

Boosting your business through mobile development

Boosting the visibility of your website

Emphasise the added value of your content and be first on the search engines.

Better than just known, be recognised!

Strategic web marketing

Many e-merchants are finding it difficult to start their business on the internet or to develop their online shop, as they thought that all they had to do was create a website like Emediat for example. But in reality, the key to success lies in developing a web marketing strategy to make their products known, to build customer loyalty and also to encourage visitors to make a purchase.

When presenting your product or service, you need to be clear. Internet users must quickly understand what it is all about and realise the added value you bring them. Give importance to SEO to gain search engine rankings and think about communicating well on the different social networks in order to reach potential customers and quickly increase the size of your community.